srvctl Commands in Oracle

srvctl, the Server Control Utility, is an indispensable tool for Oracle cluster management.

It offers centralized control, ensuring operations are executed efficiently, consistently, and securely.

Seamlessly integrated with Oracle Clusterware, srvctl streamlines tasks, reduces human errors, and upholds best practices, making it the optimal choice for administrators seeking precision and reliability in cluster management.

srvctl status commands:

srvctl status listener
srvctl status listener -node xfdcon01db02
srvctl status listener -node xfdcon01db02
srvctl status database -d RAC # Database status
srvctl status instance -d RAC -i RAC1 # Instance Status
srvctl status service -d RAC # Services Status
srvctl status nodeapps # Network services Status
srvctl status vip -n rac1 # Status IP Virtual
srvctl status listener -l LISTENER # Listener Status
srvctl status asm -n rac1 # Status Instance ASM
srvctl status scan # Status IP SCAN
srvctl status scan_listener # Status Listener SCAN
srvctl status server -n rac1 # Status Node
srvctl status diskgroup -g DGRAC # Status Disk Group

srvctl config commands:

srvctl config database -d RAC # Database configuration
srvctl config service -d RAC # Services configuration
srvctl config nodeapps # Network Services Configuration
srvctl config vip -n rac1 # VIP configuration
srvctl config asm -a # ASM configuration
srvctl config listener -l LISTENER # Listener configuration
srvctl config scan # IP SCAN configuration
srvctl config scan_listener # SCAN Listener configuration

srvctl start commands:

srvctl start database -d RAC # Start database
srvctl start instance -d RAC -i RAC1 # Start Instance
srvctl start service -d RAC -s OLTP # Start Service
srvctl start nodeapps # Arrancar Servicios Red
srvctl start vip -n rac1 # Arrancar IP Virtual
srvctl start asm -n rac1 # Start ASM (It is recommended to use “crsctl start cluser”)
srvctl start listener -l LISTENER # Start Listener
srvctl start scan -i 1 # Start IP SCAN
srvctl start scan_listener -i 1 # Start SCAN Listener
srvctl start diskgroup -g diskgroup_name [-n node_list] # Start Disk Group

srvctl stop commands:

srvctl stop database -d RAC
srvctl stop database -d RAC -o immediate # Stop database (IMMEDIATE)
srvctl stop database -d RAC -o immediate -f
srvctl stop instance -d RAC -i RAC1 -o immediate # Stop Instance BD (IMMEDIATE)
srvctl stop service -d RAC -s OLTP -n rac1 # Stop DB Service
srvctl stop nodeapps -n rac1 # Stop network services
srvctl stop vip -n rac1 # Stop VIP
srvctl stop asm -n rac1 -o abort -f # Stop ASM (recommended to use “crsctl stop cluster”)
srvctl stop listener -l LISTENER # Stop Listener
srvctl stop scan -i 1 # Stop SCAN IP (requires stopping dependencies)
srvctl stop scan_listener -i 1 # Stop SCAN Listener
srvctl stop diskgroup -g TEST -n rac1,rac2 # Stop Disk Group

srvctl relocate commands:

srvctl relocate service -d RAC -s OLTP -i RAC1 -t RAC2 # Relocate Service (from node 1 to node 2)
srvctl relocate scan_listener -i 1 rac1 # Relocate SCAN Listener

srvctl Add/Remove/Modify commands:

srvctl add database
srvctl remove database
srvctl modify database
srvctl modify database password file

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