srvctl Commands in Oracle

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srvctl, the Server Control Utility, is an indispensable tool for Oracle cluster management.

It offers centralized control, ensuring operations are executed efficiently, consistently, and securely.

Seamlessly integrated with Oracle Clusterware, srvctl streamlines tasks, reduces human errors, and upholds best practices, making it the optimal choice for administrators seeking precision and reliability in cluster management.

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Bash Script to Connect to Multiple Oracle Databases and Run Query

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If you need to run the same query on all the databases hosted on your server, you could use this bash script.

The script checks all Oracle instances in /etc/oratab, but it skips any lines commented.

It also skips all ASM instances.

You should create a script with the query you want to run and pass it as an argument to the bash script.

Create a new file named run_on_all.sh and put this content inside:

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