Oracle Agent Status and Upload

Sometimes you need to make sure the Oracle agent or cloud control agent is working properly.

Or maybe you have a problem in your could control interface, like a PDB is showing down or a listener, so you need to perform the following steps to make sure that the Oracle agent is working properly.

<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl status agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl config agent listtargets
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl clearstate agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl upload agent

After you perform these steps, go back and check the status.

If you want to restart the Oracle agent, then you can use these commands

<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl stop agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl start agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl status agent

If everything went well, then it should be solved.

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