How to Check Oracle Database Character Set

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Many times you need to validate the Oracle database characterset, maybe because it is an old Oracle database that did not have UTF8 (which is the recommended charset) or maybe because someone created the database with a different charset for a given reason…

Anyways, here is how you can check the Oracle database characterset:

select *
where parameter='NLS_CHARACTERSET';

Oracle Agent Status and Upload

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Sometimes you need to make sure the Oracle agent or cloud control agent is working properly.

Or maybe you have a problem in your could control interface, like a PDB is showing down or a listener, so you need to perform the following steps to make sure that the Oracle agent is working properly.

<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl status agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl config agent listtargets
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl clearstate agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl upload agent

After you perform these steps, go back and check the status.

If you want to restart the Oracle agent, then you can use these commands

<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl stop agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl start agent
<AGENT_HOME>/bin/ emctl status agent

If everything went well, then it should be solved.